Michael Jordan

The NBA hasn’t seen the likes of Michael Jordan since he began dominating the court for the Chicago Bulls in the 1984. Known for his high flying dunks and ultra competitive demeaner Jordan was and still is one of basketball’s greats which makes his Graded RC coveted beyond belief. After winning 3 NBA Championships Jordan stepped away from the game to take his shot at professional baseball only to return to the Chicago Bulls and win another 3 titles. All the while the Bull’s teams of the 1990’s were unstoppable you could find Jordan winning 10 NBA Scoring Titles and 5 League MVPs individually. This on court success led to the recognizable Nike logo of Jordan known as “Jumpman” being seen on sporting apparel all over the world. Michael Jordan has cemented himself as a basketball icon and his Graded RC will have staying power for years to come even amongst those who never saw him play live.

Michael Jordan 1984-85 Star
Michael Jordan 1986 Fleer – Sticker
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