PSA Grading

Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) was started in 1991 and since that time they’ve become the largest grading company in the world. Graded cards have become ultra popular as the rise of the internet since the late 1990’s has increased collector’s ability to buy, sell, trade cards. In the modern trading world, ensuring quality and condition for the buyer with a certified PSA graded card also benefits the seller with a higher sales price.

When a card is PSA graded it’s done so using a 10-point grading scale only after the card has been determined to be authentic. When the graded card is returned from PSA you’ll find it nicely encapsulated with a header description of the card and the condition it was given.

One of collectors favorite databases is the PSA Population Report where you can find the exact number of cards graded by PSA and the grade they were given. This information is updated daily and is easily searchable by player name, brand name or year of production. Numbers from the PSA Population Report can be useful in determining the rarity of a Graded RC you own or are considering buying.

If you’ve got some RC cards you’re looking to get graded by PSA Grading you would be well served to look into PSA Collectors Club where you can get varied discounts on grading submissions amongst many other benefits.

Might you have a PSA Gem Mint 10 card in your collection that hasn’t been graded yet?