Mac McClung

Shout out to Mac McClung’s hops as the G League Delaware Blue Coat won the 2023 NBA Dunk Contest in stunning fashion. Registering a perfect score of 50 in three of his four dunks, McClung showed the world his talents and collectors should take notice. Many have said McClung’s performance may have single handedly resurrected the NBA Dunk Contest for years to come. For his efforts that led to him winning the dunk contest, Mac took home a purse of $100,000 only days after signing a two-way contract with the 76ers and getting a shoe deal from Puma. He’s kicked the name recognition door open in the NBA and now he’s looking parlay his fame into a regular gig in the Association over the coming years. Regardless of his future playing career, McClung has a lifetime memory, his name will be forever remembered and his Graded RCs forever collected by fans around the world.

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